Earth Night is a sphere of environmental awareness that takes into consideration many of the aspects that are overlooked during our celebration of Earth Day.  Earth Night tries to understand and illustrate the incredible extent of our relationship to nature without selling it short as just one of today’s many concerns.  It is a rediscovery of the work and practice of our ancient ancestors, our tribal nomadic relatives who spent endless years learning how to create and sustain life.  It is like a night star that is invisible during the light of today.

Environmental awareness is spreading, but it is being squeezed into many of the same avenues which are controlled by systems that have exaggerated humanity’s impact on Earth.  This push towards planetary consciousness is often being peddled by parties that more than likely are not qualified to lead the movement.  Earth Night, however, tries its best to represent the views of environmental actors from across many different cultures and disciplines who have preserved as well as continued to evolve our understanding of this planet.

From the world of fungi to the computer Internet to open-source software to fractalized decentralization – Earth Night is a growing map of the stars which will help lead our way through the darkest hour and into the dawn.  It is a way to reincoroporate ancient magic into the intellectual landscape as well as initiate an critical escape from further environmental degradation.

This web log is the first installment of Earth Night material.  I have designed very much to operate like a navigational map of the digital cosmos.  In the middle column, you will find a category cloud of all the posts, a video collection, and visual allusions to other place on web.  The left column will have a table of Earth Night contents, full length, multi-medial essays – a list of recent posts, and links categorized links to a ton of places on web. The right column, will have hand-picked RSS feeds for up-to-date news from a large variety of sources.

As posts filter into the top section, they will also be updated on our Facebook page.  To subscribe to this feed or even transplant it into your own Facebook profile, find the RSS entries link below.


J. Takahashi

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