New nodes of information – photons packed with the light of intelligent consciousness – are popping up, fresh out of the vacuum at speeds greater than…well the speed of light.  This book is a short amalgamation of some of these nodes, spanning across the entire history of the Earth and from disciplines such as ecology, technology, ethnopharmacology and political and economic philosophy.

But before delving any further, in order to understand both the title as well as many of the topics discussed, I must mention a fundamental pattern which runs throughout the universe and will very much help in the dissection of this what will often times seem “bogus”  stew of information.

The late philosopher Alan Watts once noted, “The Earth is not simply a rock infested with living organisms, just as your body is not merely a skeleton infested with living cells.”  What Mr. Watts was perhaps indicating (although with philosophers it is often hard to say, so we can only speculate), was that a common thread tends to run throughout matters of creation, that nothing is actually seperate or external from another, that all and all, each and every atom we know of is an integral part of our beloved living sphere.  This embracing of diversity in the name of unity can actually do wonders, and could probably be the theme of every self-help book on the shelf because trying to stop or withhold exposure or awareness to other forms of life or activity is ultimately going against nature – the very architecture of our reality, and an ultimately profound and powerful thing.

As you will soon see, the clusterfuck of ideologies present in civillization’s current operating system is more often than not biased against nature and in turn intellectual biodiversity.  As a result, this model is inherently driven to install hierarchies in order to solidify a sense of dominance over competing species of thought.  These hierarchies are easy to spot out as they  seek control over their domain, attempt to instill fear into the public good as much as possible, and encourage moral obligation or cultural socialization as opposed to multi-faceted, individual liberation.  As you scour the images in your mind of potential suspects, let me draw your attention to one particularly desctructive agent who has been operating undetected for decades: most modern yards.

Today’s beloved “lawn” is a byproduct of hierarchy gone-wild England, where if one could install a “lawn”, it was an in-your-face indication that growing his or her own food for this particular individual was as laughable as destroying an entire land of brown people, or enslaving them for that mattter.  In otherwords, “lawn-owners” wouldn’t be caught dead growing their own food.

This socialization of our land has on the most basic level created an awful habit of using drinkable water to feed unproductive spreads of grass, but also has led to the rise of industrial agriculture where titanic loads of fertillizers and pesticides are used to increase yields and diminish nutritional value.  Furthermore, almost half of the crops Americans consume today are of the genetically-modified variety – an enterprise whose apparent motives based on recent scientific explorations of their products is cold enough to make polar bear’s spine shake.  Such systems, I believe are perhaps some of the greatest threats not only to our environmental diversity and security, but our liberty and health – the very cornerstones of a lively human experience.

The purpose of identifying the lawn as a diversity killing tyrant is to show how unbelievably easy it is for a hierarchical notion to spawn off a list of negative consequences as long as a desperate suburban housewife’s shopping list.  In this book, we will examine a few other examples of such systems in the realms of technology, economics, and medicine and explore how nature is actually working under the radar to try and recycle these dead and dying species of thought.

Earth Night is a philosophical fragrance not unlike Alobar and Kudra’s K23, where jasmine and citron guide us into promising fields of silver and golden adventure – positive encounters with Gaian Goddesses, Self-transforming Machine Elves, singularities and other creatures of pure information – but in the end, it is the infamous beet – the fruit of pure unadulterated soil, the heavy bassline of plant kingdom’s triumphant orchestra – that provides the diving board for our olefactory systems (and thus imaginations) to dive into the ocean that is infinite potential.

Because as the famous French perfumer Marcel LeFever was wise to recognize, the New Wave of culturally-sanctioned environmentalism, while cut with a clean and fresh scent, is starting to smell a whole lot like new wave Fascism.

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